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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Arty, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Arty

    Arty Web Designer AF Administrator

    You might have noticed that forum looks differently.


    You haven't clicked wrong bookmark, you are still on Applique Forum.

    This forum migrated to different forum software: XenForo. It has quite a lot of new functions that were not available on old forum and it is easier to navigate. It might take a while to get used to.

    New stuff:
    • Automated subscriptions. New subscribers will no longer have to wait for Crissie to activate account. Visit account upgrades page, purchase subscription, it will be immediately activated. Old subscribers will not be affected by this change.
    • Shiny WYSIWYG editor. Try to post new thread, you'll see buttons to format your post above post editor. Use them and you will immediately see changes in layout in editor.
    • New post and private message notifications now include post content.
    • You can add your twitter, facebook and google plus accounts to your profile. You can also set a status message that other users will see.
    • You can leave feedback on other user's profile pages.
    • and much more!
    Work is not complete. There are more changes to come and there have been few issues with conversion:
    • You will have to log in again. Your password from old forum should work.
    • List of topics that you have read has been reset. You can mark topics by ether visiting them or by clicking "mark forums read" link below forum header.
    • Sponsors might notice that their banners are shown only on side bar on forum index. Don't worry, it is temporary. Sponsor ads will be moved around in next few days to figure out best location.
    • Old "thanks for posts" forum addon data was not converted because it is not compatible with new system. You'll have to thank other posters again by clicking "Like" button below post.
    • More layout changes are coming.
    All permissions have been redone. I might have missed something, please check if you have correct permissions to all forums.

    Please report any issues that you encounter.
  2. Triton25

    Triton25 Golden Stitch Goddess

    Yea! So excited to play with the new forum! Exciting!
  3. ilka

    ilka Stitches-A-Lot Premium Member

    Very nice! I love this box right here for the comments and that I could see all the sponsors right away.
  4. terimayo

    terimayo $Tree Diva Premium Member

    So exciting! Happy for all the great things going on here at Applique Forum! And I LOVE having the sponsors logos on the sidebar. Makes it easy to see who they are at a glance! I think it would be more appealing to become a sponsor too! : )T
  5. CricketStitches

    CricketStitches Golden Stitch Goddess Premium Member

    First Name:
    It looks great!! Thank you!
  6. nancy909ser323

    nancy909ser323 Runs with Scissors Premium Member

    I was trying to download a free design and I can no longer do so. I get a message that I do not have permission. Am I doing something wrong?

  7. Arty

    Arty Web Designer AF Administrator

    You are not in subscribers group.

    In order to download attachments you must purchase a subscription. You can do it by visiting account upgrades page.
  8. Floraustin

    Floraustin Golden Stitch Goddess

    Looks Great!!!
  9. Jadee

    Jadee Master Stitcher Premium Member

    Any chance of the date of a post being a bit darker? I find them very difficult to read.
  10. breesy23

    breesy23 Red Hot Stitching Celebrity

    Our profile pics seem blurry :( everything else looks good
  11. Arty

    Arty Web Designer AF Administrator

    You need to upload it again. Old forum had lower avatar resolution, on new forum you can upload much bigger images (optimal image size is 192 * 192) that will automatically scale down.
  12. breesy23

    breesy23 Red Hot Stitching Celebrity

    It looks much better now! Thanks :)
  13. gadgetgrltekkie

    gadgetgrltekkie She who posts much... Stitches little Premium Member

    First Name:
    Looking great! Love the new features
  14. LTB

    LTB Tangled in Thread Premium Member

    Hi, I lost my password and when I hit reset and it emails me the new passowrd I was able to log in. However, when I go to "passwords" to change the password to something famliar it says my current password is incorrect. :-(
  15. Lilfroggin

    Lilfroggin Runs with Scissors Premium Member

    Will there be a new mobile version too? I love to check from my phone. :)
  16. Arty

    Arty Web Designer AF Administrator

    Unfortunately there is no mobile style for this forum yet.

    It should be released with version 1.2 that is expected in next few months.
  17. nadines

    nadines Tangled in Thread Premium Member

    I'm unable to attached a picture from Flickr with BB code, I may have done something wrong!
  18. Arty

    Arty Web Designer AF Administrator

    Can you paste that bbcode here, so I could take a look?
  19. nancy909ser323

    nancy909ser323 Runs with Scissors Premium Member

    I paid the initial $5.00 back in December and on January 20 or 21st a payment of $10.00 was made via paypal. Am I missing something? I was under the impression that the $10.00 monthly fee would be deducted every month. Sorry, but i'm new to this.
  20. Arty

    Arty Web Designer AF Administrator

    I don't have access to payments, so I have forwarded this to Crissie. She'll check payments history and will take care of it.

    On old forum payments were handled manually. It is possible that your payment was missed and you weren't added to subscribers user group when you have subscribed to forum. That is one of reasons why forum moved to new software: now payments are automatic and errors like that shouldn't happen.

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