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    Hi there! I am sorry to contact you via this forum. But I purchased the frayed block letter banner design from your website a few nights ago and downloaded the file. But when I tried to open it, I got a message that the file was empty. I tried to log back on and re download but was unsuccessful. I wanted to use the design tonight if it is possible. I know you have been working on your website and I totally understand these things happen:) Oh and I tried to email you too but it came back as well. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks so much! Melissa
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    Not sure if this will help. I downloaded a design (I also have a Brother) and when I opened the file it was empty as well. Then I went back to my downloads and clicked open again. Once I opened it(the download in winzip) I had to double click the folder and then unzip it. Once I did this, I went into SWP and it was there. Hope this makes sense. Try this and see if it works for you.
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    Did this issue get resolved? I think for some the folder looks empty if it contains a second zip (for different sizes, etc.). We did have some downloads that were interrupted by overloading the server on the previous website though and those will look empty as well.

    If this still needs attention, please email us again at . My Scotty boy set up a bunch of coupon codes to allow you to add these designs to your cart and check out for free, which is good because then it adds the design to your history on the new website, allowing you permanent access to your designs.
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    I not sure this is the place to write a question. I still do not know where I can find out what shops are in this forum. Is Expression Vinyl ? I don't want to buy if they are in the forum and might be offering a discount. thank you, Ann
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    Our sponsors are listed in the Sponsors section, along with their current discount codes. You can also see their banners on the right side of your screen on the home page.
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